SENSE.SEAT presents a breakthrough user experience that leverages multisensorial priming and embedded interaction and introduces an interactive piece of furniture for office spaces, co-working spaces, airports or hotels.

Our multidisciplinary team composed by software and hardware engineers, designers and psychologists, worked together in order to bring a new concept with a unique design and features.


more than 10 academic papers published


patent and design are both registered and protected


different backgrounds, different visions


being a scientifically-driven project, SENSE.SEAT produced several papers that were submitted, revised and published in top-scientific international conferences.
please find below some of these references

• Designing Interactions with Furniture: Towards multi-sensorial interaction design processes for interactive furniture

Campos, P., Ehrenberg, N., Campos, M.

Proceedings of ICEIS 2018 - International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems

• Challenging Disruptions in Workspaces Through an Interactive Sensor-Based Seat

Campos, P., Ehrenberg, N., Silva, N.

Proceedings of ACM TEI'18 - Tangible and Embedded Interaction (accepted for publication).

• SENSE-SEAT: reimagining ergonomics for a creativity support workstation

Campos, P., Pestana, J., Campos, M., Freitas, P., Ehrenberg, N. And Hydzik, W.

Proceedings of ACM European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics (ECCE 2017), ACM

• Understanding and Evaluating the User Interface Design for Creative Writing

Gonçalves, F. and Campos, P.

Proceedings of ACM European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics (ECCE 2017)

• Human Work Interaction Design meets International Development

Campos, P., Clemmensen, T., Barricelli, B., Abdelnour-Nocera, J., Lopes, A. and Gonçalves, F.

Proceedings of INTERACT'17, Springer LNCS.

• Sense.Seat: Inducing Improved Mood and Cognition through Multisensorial Priming

Campos P., Cabral, D., Gonçalves F.
31st ACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium (UIST 2018, Berlin)


the unique concept and functionalities of SENSE.SEAT is protected under EU laws to our patente number EP17020087.7

also, it's unique design is registered and protected within the several markets


our team is composed by software and hardware engineers, designers, Human-Computer Interaction researchers and psychologists each one with more than 10 years experience in their field-areas.